Glow Hockey




Play classic air hockey on your Android device


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Glow Hockey is a digital version of the classic arcade game in which you hit a sliding disc into the goal of the opposing player.

To accomplish this, you will have to use your finger to whip back and hit the disc, trying to keep the opponent from scoring a goal in your net. This is something that, just as all those who have played the game will know, is as easy to do by your opponent’s skilled shots as well as your own bad ones.

Among the game options you will find some to be very interesting, such as changing the appearance of the game table (there is a classic and futuristic style) and the color of your paddle. You can also adjust the difficulty and deactivate some of the special effects.

Glow Hockey is a very fun game that, while it would be more fun in two-player mode, is very entertaining and completely free.
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